About Us

As the population of Aging Americans grows, so does the need for caregivers.  Caregiving is a hard but rewarding commitment, with the caregivers facing many overwhelming challenges including:

  • Managing medical and legal information
  • Making housing or long-term care decisions
  • Downsizing and moving

While managing these challenges and the time commitment involved, the caregiver deals with an array of emotions including anxiety, worry and guilt, resulting in an increased level of stress.

When my journey began as primary caregiver for my aunt and parents several years ago, it quickly became apparent that with the best intentions as a caregiver, I was maneuvering in an area which was unfamiliar to me and the stakes were high. Reaching out to anyone and everyone for information, opinions and support was essential for success. Always finding the right resource with the right experience and information at the right time didn’t always happen in my required timeframe.

As my journey evolved, my caregiver knowledge improved and my network grew; more and more of my friends and relatives entering the caregiver role would approach me to discuss my experiences and ask for advice.  While making care and housing decisions for my seniors at Hospitals, Rehabs Centers, Respite Care Facilities, Assisted Livings and Nursing Homes it became apparent the following was needed to make other caregiver’s journeys easier:

  • Medical History Repository – an electronic file of important medical information that could be easily shared at the Emergency Room, with Primary Care Physicians, Specialists and Care Facilities without relying on memory for accurate information of multiple procedures over multiple years.
  • Facility Comparison Checklists – a detailed question set that provides the information to compare multiple facilities, make the best care decisions and allows for aging with dignity.
  • Downsizing and Moving Checklist- a customizable project plan that facilitates the downsizing and seamless move from their current to new home.

Seniors Resource Hub® was created to provide tools and support to improve the quality of life and maintain dignity for Aging Americans.  These tools help seniors and caregivers manage the aging process and make the best care decisions and support their implementation.  As they say… “It takes guts to get old”, but it takes great resources to manage the journey!