Making A Decision

Deciding when is the right time and where to move a senior can be overwhelming, emotional, emergent and sometimes managed remotely.  Once the decision has been made to move, the next step is to decide what type of residence is best and then thoroughly evaluate and compare multiple options.  The next question… “But how do I do this and make the best decision?”

First, a decision needs to be made on the type of retirement residence or community where you or your loved one would want to live.  Assistance may be needed from a physician or a representative from your local Area on Aging to assess and make a recommendation on the level of care needed, i.e. Independent with Assistance, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Facility, etc.

If you haven’t been involved in making a housing decision for a senior before, it can be overwhelming if you don’t know the questions to ask to ensure the best match for your requirements and happiness of your senior. Therefore, a series of Comparison Checklists are available by type of facility. (See Seniors Resource Hub®- Featured Products)

Once the housing decision has been made the next undertaking is downsizing and moving.  The next big question that needs answered; where and how do you begin to get organized, decide what stays and goes as well as plan and execute the move? The Seniors Resource Hub® - Senior Downsizing and Moving Checklist takes a customizable project plan approach to managing this tremendous task.

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