Seniors Resource Hub® - Assisted Living Comparison Checklist

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Seniors Resource Hub® - Assisted Living Comparison Checklist

It can be overwhelming deciding to move to Assisted Living if you don’t know the right questions to ask, have a way to organize your answers and compare your options.  The Seniors Resource Hub® - Assisted Living Comparison Checklist has direct questions and suggested actions which will provide important information for the fact-based Assisted Living decision making process.  When it's time to compare options and make a decision, it can be risky to rely on your memory alone and possibly confuse one option or facility with another. Additionally, using the checklist helps eliminate emotional or impulse decisions and allows for a happier and smoother transition. Once you or your senior has made the move, you don’t want to regret your decision.

We've organized this checklist into logical categories to assist with the decision making process: General Information, Assisted Living Services, Management and Staffing, Communication, Resident Satisfaction, References, Contract and Fees and a Glossary.

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Kathy Smith
Stress Reducer

Was very stressed caring for my husband whose health has been rapidly decreasing over the last few years. I did everything I could to keep him at home, but when the time came to start to look for help. I didn't know where to turn. My pastor recommended this comparison tool and I'm so grateful. It put me on the right track and had me review detailed information with prospective Assisted Livings. With two of the facilities that I visited, within the first few minutes I knew they didn't want to go into this detail, so I quickly moved on! Highly recommend!

Mike Joseph
Not just a list of questions

This comparison checklist, isn't just a list of obvious questions, which you can find anywhere on the internet. It is a very detailed tool, which helped us make a well-informed decision. We have peace of mind knowing we asked the tough questions to uncover the best assisted living for our parents. The "suggestions" that are sprinkled throughout the checklist come from experience we didn't have but could leverage during the process.

Craig Nettles

First of all, I was impressed with all the detailed questions. When I took the checklist to the three facilities that I compared for my mother, the reps were all impressed with the level of questions and the detail that I was asking them. If it weren't for the questions and suggestions, not sure I would have made the decision that I made. I wouldn't have known what to ask, and I'm afraid, if I just took the "tour" I would have missed important information. The answers to the checklist questions swayed me away from what I thought was my first choice. There are several checklists on the internet, but none with this level of detail. Thank you!

Awesome tool

The Assisted Living Comparison Checklist is an awesome tool which allows you to collect your family’s big picture idea and simplify it into a easy action based plan which allows you to make the right decision for your family’s needs in a concise and proactive manner.

Judith Kennedy
Made my own combo

After buying the Assisted Living Comparison Checklist, I liked it so much I went and purchased the eHealth records. Wonderful tools.

Very Helpful Guide - Excellent Resource

This was a very helpful guide, it focused on areas we hadn’t previously considered; staff to resident ratios, security and the financial options. The format of the guide is well laid out; several facilities can be compared side by side. Also liked the "suggestions" in each section.”

Emotional decisions are bad decisions

The checklist took the emotion out of making a decision regarding long term care; our decision was strictly fact-based.

Peace of Mind for Better Decision Making

“This document provided me the peace of mind to make the best decision regarding the future care of my father.”

Cindy B
Assisted Living Comparison Checklist - Fantastic!!

“We were so overwhelmed when we started the process; the checklist guided us to ask the RIGHT questions, record answers and work together to make the best decision for my parents.”
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