Seniors Resource Hub® - Senior eHealth Records Repository

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Seniors Resource Hub® - Senior eHealth Records Repository

An electronic health record (EHR) for seniors is a collection of electronic health information about an individual person. It is the organization of many records and information from many sources in digital format that is able to be shared between the senior and their physicians, Long-term care facilities, Emergency Rooms, etc. The seniors EHR may include a variety of information, from medical history, medication and allergies, immunization status, laboratory test results, radiology images, individual information, emergency contacts and insurance information. Additionally, the repository can house electronic copies of important legal documents such as, Power of Attorney, Living Will, etc.

The senior can carry this repository on a USB Flash Drive in their pocket, purse or key chain; always handy when needed in their hometown, as well as when traveling when it could take longer to get the information needed. When shared with caregivers, near and far, the latest information is easy to share with health care providers within minutes.

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Not just for seniors

Once I purchased this repository for my dad, I looked it over and thought this is a great idea for my wife and I, so I purchased two more. My wife had cancer about 18 months ago and this would have been great to have then, but I'm glad to have it for the future. Will continue to pray that she remains cancer free, but we now have our information ready to go; organized and efficient.

Bionic Seniors

My parents call themselves the "bionic seniors", with pacemaker, knee replacement, hip replacement, eye implants etc, this is a tool we can use to have a great snapshot of their medical history. When we took to our last doctor appointment, she was impressed.

Simple but smart

What a great idea! Big time saver. Great to have medical and legal combo1

Snow Birds

My parents are “snow birds”, it’s critical to have their health info and legal docs electronically and available whether they're at home in Maryland, in Florida or any point in between.

Karen H
Everything is in one place

My husband has had several health issues recently; the eHealth record repository gave me a tool to have all info in one portable file, making it easy to update the ER docs and specialists with the latest information. It is hard to remember all the medications, procedures and when they were done, why medications were changed etc. Now it can all be recorded in one place and I don't have to rely on my memory to answer critical questions in critical situations. Additionally, having all legal docs together electronically for critical situations is a great idea. I recently found a very small flash drive that clips in my wallet, I also saw those that could attach to your key chain but I chose the smaller more compact one. Either one would work.

Judith Kennedy
Great portability of information

Every time we saw a new doctor or made a hospital/ER visit we had to repeat all the same information over and over again. When your parents are in their 90's you have a lot of doctors and unfortunately my dad calls himself a "frequent flyer" at the hospital, With this tool, all the pertinent information is on a portable drive and was easy to share with new docs or in the ER. Saves us critical time!
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